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Bar and Cocktail Equipment Hire 

If your exhibition or event in London requires a cocktail bar counter, you can hire one along with all the necessary accoutrements right here. Allens Catering Equipment & Furniture Hire deliver bar and cocktail equipment hire to exclusive events across London and the South Coast. The next big event could be yours.

The range of bar equipment available to hire from Allens, includes cocktail shakers, strainers, measures, barman’s friend corkscrews, optics, coolers and much more. All are manufactured to the highest standard and thoroughly quality checked before delivery to ensure that you aren’t caught out when serving customers on the big day.

Great cocktail bar equipment has an X-Factor. It doesn’t just look great and do a job; it’s easy to use, which allows for the very best service on any occasion.

We have offered bar equipment hire to weddings, award shows, corporate events, exhibitions and much more. Over the years, our excellent cocktail bar accessories have been used in the most illustrious and historic venues in London. We have catered to museums, art galleries, pop-up music and theatre venues. Wherever you need to entertain guests, our cocktail bar equipment will guarantee service with a smile and a swagger.

The range also includes cocktail blenders, trays, ice bins, champagne buckets, jugs and ashtrays. Simple helping hands such as ice scoops, bar spoons, nutmeg graters, citrus zester and lemon/lime squeezers can be hired for little expense. Then when the fun is finally over, bottle bins for hire will ensure that clean up is as simple and safe as possible.

Explore the entire collection of bar and cocktail equipment available for hire and choose the tools and accessories you need for your big night. It’s guaranteed to be an unforgettable one.