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Rattan Wicker Bar Stool Hire


Rattan Wicker Bar Stool Hire
Rattan Wicker Bar Table Hire
Rattan Wicker Bar Stool Taupe Seat Pad


£35.31 each

W 45 cm | L 50 cm | H 110 cm
W 18" | L 20" | H 43"

Product Details

Are you planning on having a bar at your next event or special occasion? A cocktail bar can be a great feature at any celebration, providing guests with a place to get drinks all through the night and mingle with fellow partygoers. Better than that is having the right bar stools and tables to create the perfect place for people to socialise throughout the evening, finding just the right choice of furniture to match your chosen décor and personal preference. At Allens Hire we have just the thing you need with rattan bar stools that add a rustic charm to any outdoor or indoor venue.

These rattan bar stools for rental from Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire are a versatile option for any bar or seating area at your next event. If it is a garden party or outdoor event you are planning then the rattan exterior means they are a great solution whatever the weather, perfect come rain or shine. When used outdoor rattan wicker barstools add a beautiful rustic aesthetic, available in a lovely shade of light brown and providing great support with structured rattan backs. Hired separately, you can coordinate your rattan bar stools with their matching tables or mix with other collections for a truly unique look unlike any other, creating a bespoke look. It’s neutral colour palette means that it can be paired with virtually any other complimentary shade, as well as providing ultimate comfort for your guests.

At Allens Hire, our team are happy to help you with whatever you need, drawing from their years of industry experience with clients across the hospitality and events planning sector. They’ll aim to relieve you of a little stress, helping you to find exactly what you are looking for and providing you with recommendations they know you’ll love. So if you think you’d like to hire our rattan bar stools for your next event, contact us today.

Must be ordered with the Rattan Wicker Bar Table & 4 x Taupe Seat Pads



£172.84 each

H 111 cm | Dia 80 cm
H 43" | Dia 31"

Product Details

We have a range of products available from Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire, offering everything you need to throw the perfect event, whether it is a wedding reception, birthday party, or even a corporate event you have in mind. With so much to choose from you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for, such as our wonderful selection of bar stools and tables available in a range of designs and styles that are sure to impress your guests. We offer them at an affordable price for hire, with one of our more popular options being the rattan wicker bar table set, including stools and high tables that are ideal for guests to stop and sip their drinks whilst chatting with others.

These rattan wicker bar tables and chairs for hire are fantastic for all events, both indoor and outdoor, as they will last through all kinds of weather and are lightweight so can be easily moved from one place to the next. The bar table & chairs is a great option when creating seating areas by the bar at whatever venue you have in mind, and will be delivered in time for the big day. The neutral colour palette means they can be easily paired with any kind of décor, and the rattan whicker construction provides great comfort and durability.

If you are interested in hiring one of our sets of round rattan whicker bar stool tables and chairs you can contact Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire today and we’ll be happy to help you with everything and anything you need. Our talented team are very experienced in the hospitality and events planning industry and can provide you with all kinds of recommendations should you require anything else for your celebration. So, if you wish to hire our rattan wicker bar table and chairs, then why not contact Allens Hire today.

Must be ordered with 4 x Rattan Wicker Bar Stools & 4 x Taupe Seat Pads.


£0.75 each

L 44 cm | W 38 cm | D 5 cm
L 17" | W 15" | D 2"

Product Details

When organising an outdoor event with a bar area remember to incorporate seat cushions with furniture rentals such as the rattan wicker bar stools from Allens Hire. It is important for several reasons: Comfort is paramount in any setting where guests are expected to sit for long periods. Cushions provide essential support, reducing discomfort and fatigue. The taupe seat pads available with Allens Hire's stools add an element of style while also complementing a range of decor themes, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your event space. Moreover, the added comfort encourages guests to linger longer, facilitating better interactions and a more enjoyable experience at your gathering.

Combine comfort and style with Taupe Seat Pads for use with our Rattan Wicker Bar Stools. Its natural charm and cosy cushioning make it an ideal addition to your seating arrangement.

Must be ordered with the Rattan Wicker Bar Table & 4 x Rattan Wicker Bar Stools.