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Stackable Weights



£7.70 each

13 kg
28 lb

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When planning an outdoor event, securing a marquee pop-up tent with weights is crucial, especially on windy days. Without proper anchoring, there is a chance a marquee can become a hazard. Strong wind can lift or shift the tent unpredictably, posing risks to both the structure itself and its occupants. This instability could lead to potential damage to the tent and any garden furniture underneath, which might be tossed around or ruined by sudden gusts.

These 13kg weights should help negate the risk, small though it is, of unsecured marquees disrupting the event by collapsing or being blown away, which could cause injuries to guests and create chaotic situations. The Stackable Outdoor Furniture Weights help stabilise and anchor the structure, ensuring that the tent remains grounded and the event can proceed smoothly without interruption.

These stackable weights are designed to be used with our gazebos, marquees and pop-up tents to secure them on hard standings depending on the weather conditions.

Each Weight : 13kg