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Soup Tureen (large) Electric 10L



£57.80 each

Diameter 34 cm x Height 34 cm
Diameter 13.4" x Height 13.4"

Product Details

Hiring an electric soup tureen, like the large 10L model available from Allens Hire, is an excellent choice when you want to serve hot food both indoor and outdoor functions. This appliance keeps contents at an optimal temperature throughout the event, ensuring that every serving is as warm and inviting as the first. Its user-friendly design makes it not only a practical but also an attractive addition to any catering setup. Perfect for everything from casual gatherings to elegant receptions, it's ideal for maintaining the high quality of served dishes.

-  Wet Heat 10L 4.5kg Soup Tureen
-  Maximum Temperature 90° C
-  460w mains powered
-  Double pole variable simmerstat with fail safe override
-  Hinged removeable stainless steel lid
-  Solid aluminium water housing and durable stainless steel inner liner 

Allens Hire electric soup tureens or kettles are perfect for storing, warming and serving soups, stews and curries at the ideal serving temperature for an extended period of time during service. You can also use them for mulled wine in the festive season. Our heated soup kettles can be used in all sorts of venues, cafes, bars, restaurants. Ideal for outside caterers and event organisers.

Hire our stylish cauldron shaped soup kettles suitable for front of house serving or back of house preparation.

Operating & Safety Leaflet
HAE Electrical Safety Testing Code of Practice 2012