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6 Burner Gas Range W 900 x D 800 x H 900



£116.47 each

W 90 cm | D 80 cm | H 90 cm
W 35" | D 31" | H 35"

Product Details

Upgrade your kitchen space with the 6 Burner Gas Range. This commercial-grade gas range features six burners, providing ample cooking space for preparing multiple dishes at once. With its sturdy construction and powerful burners, it offers precise heat control and efficient cooking performance. The spacious oven below the burners allows for baking, roasting, or keeping dishes warm. Perfect for professional kitchens or passionate home cooks who desire a high-performance cooking appliance.

Operating & Safety Leaflet - 6 Burner Gas Range
Safety & Connection Leaflet - LPG Cylinders
HAE LPG Code of Practice Oct 2013