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Allens' chairs on Selfridges' rooftop with Pierre Koffmann

07 Dec 09 By: Lene McGuinness

Pierre Koffmann who started the original three-Michelin-starred "La Tante Clare" Restaurant in Royal Hospital Road, made a comeback this October for the London Restaurant Festival as chef at the "Pop Up" restaurant on Selfridges' rooftop.

Initially, the temporary tent structure on top of the five storey high department store, was meant to be erected for a 2 week period but because of the popularity of the venue, it was extended for a further week to the end of October.  Now Selfridge's are looking to make it a permanent fixture.

The sheer scale of the project involving a huge crane to lift a 40ft long event catering kitchen, and the ambience created, affording an amazing view of London captured people's imagination.  The food created by the famous chef, has sealed this as a sought after venue for the future.   

Allens were proud to be chosen to supply our tall black chairs for the occasion.

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