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Choose Allens to help your Green Credentials in 2013

11 Jan 13 By: Lene McGuinness

Allens has installed the latest award-winning Meiko M-IQ Dishwasher at its Southampton operations, which employs the latest in environmentally friendly technology as well as producing great results in our washup everytime.

The Meiko M-IQ Dishwasher is truely revolutionary with several enironmental features that make it stand out not only against its nearest competitive products but also it's own Meiko products:

M-IQ filter technology - reducing the level of soil in the wash water, by actively and continuously removing food debris, easing cleanup and dramtically improving washup results
M-IQ airflow management - reducing exhaust air volume by up to 90% and moisture content of exhaust air
M-IQ tank management - intelligent and automatical monitoring and control of water levels
M-IQ Load Section cleaning - interval based cascade of water rather than less effective continuous spray to remove food debris
M-IQ washing dynamics - dramatically reducing water, energy and chemical consumption
M-IQ Energy Management - uses a 3-stage energy control system for optimal energy balance and featuring the revolutionary next generation of Meiko's award-winning Waste Air Recover System which enables it to use residual heat exhaust to preheat final rinse water.
M-IQ Self Cleaning - dramatically reducing machine cleanup time.

Because of all of the above features our clients can be assured we are using the most advanced green technology as well as providing them with the best kept hire products in the industry.