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Late night weddings snacks - planners might forget them, but guests won’t

23 Mar 15

With the ceremony, reception, cars, clothes, flowers, photos and everything else that goes into making your wedding day unforgettable, it can be easy to forget some of the smaller details -- like choosing some late night snacks to keep revellers happy until home time.

Yes, they’ve enjoyed a sumptuous meal and a helping of cake, but drinking and dancing the night away is hungry business and nothing delights party goers more than the sight of some late night snacks to satisfy their cravings. The big question is: what will you serve?

We recommend keeping things simple, when choosing a late night wedding snack and there are loads of smart, yet simple ideas available online. As a general rule of thumb handheld, portable snacks work best and there isn’t a need to push any culinary boundaries. In fact, people are looking for the opposite.

Wedding guests want something comforting and warm -- but not too large, since that could make people feel bloated or tired. At that point they’d rather tuck themselves up in bed than carry on partying into the small hours.

You might want to provide sweet or savoury options or both. They can be set out at a table for people to help themselves, or you can have waiting staff to serve them out.

From mini doughnuts, popcorn or strawberry and shortbread kebabs to mini-burgers, Prosciutto Asparagus spirals, to mini savoury puff pastries or crostini, portability is key because you don’t want to bring about a premature end to proceedings by forcing guests to retake their places at dinner tables to tuck into something extravagant.

It’s all about handheld simplicity. A flavoursome pick-me-up to keep guests in the party mood.