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5 modern classic wedding table centrepiece ideas - flowers, candles & more

23 Feb 15 By: Lene McGuinness

Your wedding guests are going to spend a fairly large part of the reception at their tables, which makes your table decoration extremely important. It has to complement the rest of your décor, support your theme and also set the tone for central few hours of the occasion.

Once you’ve selected an attractive table linen, a range of plates and sophisticated cutlery, thoughts naturally turn to the table centre piece. This is your opportunity to have some fun, use your imagination and bring your personality into play.

Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

1. Photographs

Wedding table centrepieces can enthral and please the eye, but they can also serve as a key icebreaker -- which is particularly important if your seating plan places distant acquaintances or full blown strangers together.

One delightful idea is to arrange a collage of photographs of the happy couple. We’re here to celebrate their lives and their love for one another, so why not take guests on a trip down memory lane whilst they wait eagerly for the speeches and their lunch.

2. Fresh flowers

We’re not quite there yet, but spring is very much on the way. Fresh, handpicked flowers are a wonderful table centrepiece idea for spring weddings; and they don’t even have to be the most expensive blooms.

Ideal for rustic weddings, with a laid back vibe, some loosely arranged flowers provide some much need life and colour to your table dressings -- and there is fun to be had choosing an eclectic range of vases to complement them.

3. Vases and votives

Choosing a set of small, opaque or shiny vases and glass votives work really well with floral displays, but a set of glass jars and votives can be arranged on centrepieces regardless for an eye-catching effect. Light dances off the various glassworks arranged on the centre of each table.

A diverse assortment of shapes and sizes works best. You could even save a particular vase in the pride of place on the top table for the wedding bouquet. As afternoon rolls into evening, these votive candles can also be lit to create a completely new visual aesthetic.

4. Candelabra

They’re the archetypal accompaniment of a romantic meal, and candles are also extremely popular as a wedding table centrepiece. For a truly grand statement, you could opt for a classic candelabrum, which will draw the eye without overwhelming the centre of the table.

Candelabra will allow guests to talk easily across the table, with the added bonus that they will only look more dramatic, sophisticated and romantic as the night goes on. One important thing to bear in mind, however, you will have to check that your venue will allow naked flames within the reception area before you arrange this.

5. Classic books

It’s pretty ironic, but a rather modern design idea is to repurpose little treasures that are anything but contemporary. Our favourite example is the use of classic books as centrepieces. They too can act as an icebreaker, particularly if somebody is a fan of the tome in question.

Either way, they add sophistication to a ceremony and add deep, rich colours to a table setting -- provided you choose the right books. Decades old science textbooks, found in the loft aren’t likely to have the same effect as some leather bound first editions.

It’s up to you and your wedding planner to add a splash of individuality to your wedding proceedings, but for everything else there’s Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire.