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What you need to hire to host your own bake off event?

16 Sep 16 By: Lene McGuinness

The nation is once again gripped by the Great British Bake Off (GBBO)! Thousands of amateur bakers across the land are in a baking frenzy, as well as shock after learning about the show’s departure from the BBC. Despite the controversy, we Brits love nothing more than a bit of competitive cooking whether its Women’s Institute Fairs or Come Dine with Me! Perfect for corporate, promotional or charity events, hosting your own bake off can be a way of getting your guests involved, as well as providing some entertainment. So, here is your guide on how to host your own bake-off event.

Oven hire

Obviously, the oven is the most essential piece of equipment for a bake off party. For temporary events, you can hire electric standalone ovens as well as ones that come with a hob and are powered by gas canisters. When hiring electronic and gas equipment, you can be assured by the fact that Allens is Safe Hire accredited and that all gas and electronic equipment is safety checked before each use, to ensure it passes PAT and Gas Safe standards. 

Oven Hire

Food mixers

Food mixers not only look good, but will help speed things up as well as ensure better mixed ingredients. There are a number of different brands you can hire, but if you want to keep it authentically bake off then you need to get a Kitchen Aid.  

Food Mixers

Fridge and Freezer hire

If you watched Series 5 of the Great British Bake Off in 2014, you may remember fridge-gate, where contestant Diana Beard left, engineer, Iain Watters’ Baked Alaska out of the fridge. This caused the second biggest scandal on GBBO, the biggest being its move to Channel 4 and the news that Mel and Sue won’t be moving with it. With freezer-gate in mind, make sure there is enough fridges or freezers and space for everyone if you plan on creating a dish that needs chilling or freezing. Popular at Allens for such events are Gastro fridges and freezers. 

Freezer Hire


You want your bakers to be as well-equipped as possible, so you will need to get utensils such as mixing bowls, wooden spoons, scales, piping bags, rolling pins and more.


Cake stand hire

If you’re baking cakes, you’re going to need a cake stand. You can opt for a classic elegant single tier cake stand if you are making a victoria sponge, or if your guests are creating delicate patisseries, then go for a tiered cake stand. 

Cake Stand Hire

Patters and servers

You don’t want your cakes and baked goods to look ‘informal.’ If you’re opting for a unique presentation then why not expand your horizons away from the classic cake stands to some beautiful and interesting platters. From chessboards to coloured glass, you’ll find something that will fit your creativity.

If you want to hire catering and kitchen equipment in London or the South Coast for a bake-off style event, then get in touch with Allens Hire and they can help you with items you’re most likely going to need to hire. Contact us today.