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Hosting an Olympics After Party Celebration

24 Jul 12 By: Lene McGuinness

As the country celebrates the end to one of the most spectacular sporting events on earth; planning your own after party celebration has never been easier with the help of Allens catering equipment hire. Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed a number of record-breaking achievements by athletes from all over the world, across sporting challenges that brought spectators together through a shared love for sport.

What better way to mark the closing of such a momentous event than planning an after party that gives you and your guests the opportunity to reflect back on the many memorable moments witnessed during London 2012?

Catering Hire Tips for Olympics 2012 After Party Events

The followingcatering hiretips will assist you in planning a memorable after party that celebrates the mammoth success of London 2012.

  • Choosing the right venue. With an abundance of venues across the UK, your choice of venue determines largely on the size and nature of your event. You could choose an outdoor venue that has sufficient space for a large guest list, or an intimate indoor venue such as a chic hotel bar for an exclusive cocktail and Olympics highlights screening.  


  • Choosing an event type. Whether you want to relive all of the victories, achievements and notable moments with a selection of close friends over drinks, plan an office luncheon for your employees or even continue the festive mood with live music and cocktails, your after party could be as casual or sophisticated as you choose.


  • Seating and tables. Outdoor events can use sturdy chairs such as phantom chairs, folding chairs or café chairs, while indoor events can go for seating that is more luxurious. If your event is held indoors, you could also consider lounge seating for additional comfort. Tables such as LED tables are excellent for evening events, while larger tables provide more of a chance for guests to discuss their favourite Olympics moments during dinner, lunch or even breakfast.

Along with basics such as seating and table hire, you can also personalise your event with bar equipment, crockery, cutlery, glassware, linens in the UK team’s colours and décor that adds a festive touch. With the help of Allens catering hire, your Olympics after party will be the perfect end to a spectacular sporting event.