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Global Rental Alliance : Organisations Collaborate to Promote Rental Industry Worldwide

08 Mar 10 By: Lene McGuinness

The Global Rental Alliance held its eighth annual meeting last month in Orlando, Florida, where representatives from 37 countries were in attendance for The Rental Show 2010. 

Discussion focused on the current economic environment and future projections for rental businesses represented by each of the organizations.  Additional topics included insurance, safety/risk management, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and equipment theft prevention and recovery, areas in which the organizations share information and work together for the collective good of their members.

The Global Rental Alliance is a partnership among seven rental/hire organizations throughout the world, including the Canadian Rental Association, DLR (France), European Rental Association, Hire & Rental Industry Association (Australia), Hire Association Europe, Hire Industry Association of New Zealand and American Rental Association.  The purpose of the Alliance is to increase the profile of equipment rental worldwide and build global understanding.

During the meeting, the members determined next steps for the Global Rental Alliance International Rental/Hire Exchange Program, administered by the ARA Foundation.  The Program advances publicly through participants the Alliance goal to educate, promote careers in rental and build leadership for the industry, increasing worldwide awareness through individuals of the equipment rental industry.  The program, which debuted in late 2008, has supported three international exchanges to date.  Future exchanges are being planned for the fall of 2010. 

The Alliance organizations meet as a group formally on a semi-annual basis and share information on initiatives throughout the year.  This has brought about an increased awareness of overall priorities internationally, which serves to strengthen both the strategic outlook and collective resources of each association within the Alliance.

"ARA has gained substantial understanding of rental priorities around the globe that are pertinent within the program work of the association.  The Alliance has developed into an excellent forum for our associations, providing leadership for the industry on a global platform," said Chris Wehrman, executive vice president and CEO of ARA.

About the Global Rental Alliance

The Global Rental Alliance consists of seven independent equipment rental trade associations that have joined together to increase the understanding and concept of rental worldwide. They include: the Hire Association Europe (HAE), Hire and Rental Industry Association Ltd., Australia (HRIA); Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (HIANZ); DLR, France; Canadian Rental Association (CRA); European Rental Association (ERA); and American Rental Association (ARA), United States.  Each organization has as its members, businesses that rent equipment to the general public and suppliers that manufacture equipment that is a part of the member business rental inventory.  While inventories differ somewhat within each country, they essentially include equipment rented to the construction, homeowner, and special event/party industries.