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Cut crystal glasses are making a comeback

02 Jun 16

For some time cut crystal glasses has been seen preserve of grandmothers and a bit fuddy duddy, however, this type of glassware is making a comeback. Popular in the Victorian times and in the early 1900s, cut glass crystal was prized because of its ability to reflect light across the dinner table. With the advent of electricity this quality became less desirable and such items fell out of fashion.

The success of TV shows such as Downton Abbeyand movies like the Great Gatsby has helped cut glass make a comeback. Another factor is the stubborn popularity of vintage. The last decade or so has seen everything vintage rising to the height of fashion.

Cut crystal glasses lends a timeless elegance to cocktails, a bar or table layout. Its ability to reflect light, the very thing that made it popular in the first place, is again one of its biggest selling points, and the glasses are starting to make regular appearances on Instagram.

At Allens we like to keep up with the latest trends and we have invested in three top of the range collections from world renowned glass manufacturer Riedel.

Riedel Spiegelau Crystal Glass Hire

Developed with internationally awarded bar-expert, Stephan Hinz, The Spiegelau Perfect Serve collection from Riedel has a classic elegance that will delight any guest. Perfect for cocktails the collection is made up of a coupette glass, V shaped cocktail glass and cut glass old fashioned short tumbler, longdrink glass and mixing glass.

Riedel Nachtmann Crystal Glass Hire

Evoking a grandeur and grace of days gone by, the Nachtmann Noblesse and Imperial collection will shine at any event. Perfect for aperitifs, after dinner drinks, wine and cocktails this luxurious range is made up of cut glass crystal longdrink glass, whiskey glass, tall martini coupette, red wine glass, white wine glass and champagne flute. With these glasses you will feel like you are sharing a drink with Gatsby himself.

If you are interested in hiring any of our Riedel glassware ranges, or any other catering equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call on 020 8574 9600 (London) or 023 8065 2316 (South Coast) or email us at [email protected].