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London's Selfridges' Wonder Bar chooses "Open Up" Glassware

16 Nov 09 By: Lene McGuinness

The "Open Up" glasses we began to stock this year are now the glass of choice at Selfridge's Wonder Bar.  You will have seen it on the front cover of Caterer and Hotelkeeper last week.  The story featured Dawn Daniels, the head Sommelier and Wine Buyer at the Wonder Bar who, along with other like-minded businesses, drove the Sip Campaign.  As a result, changes will be implemented to the law governing specified quantities and come into force in April 2010.  They will make it legal for Dawn to serve 25ml sips of exclusive wines.  The Wonder Bar obviously think this is the ideal shaped glass to enhance the wine tasting experience. 

Indeed, the "Open Up" range has been designed to allow flavours to develop and oxygenate when poured up to the widest part of the bowl.  The incurved rim serves to concentrate aromas and flavours, particularly with young wines.

Coupled with this, these new glasses acquired from Chef & Sommelier use their new Kwarx® technology employing the best qualities of existing glassmaking materials combined with added purity.  The resulting glass retains lasting sparkle and added strength.

The quality is similar to our Vinoteque range in terms of quality and furthermore offers a unique new style.

Visit our glassware section of the catalogue to order online or speak to our sales staff on 020 8574 9600 to hear about how your events can be enhanced through the use of this new sophisticated range.

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