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Christmas food trends

30 Sep 17 By: Lene McGuinness

The leaves may only just be changing, but if you're a caterer, event organiser or pop-up host you may be already planning your Christmas menus. To help inspire you, we have discovered six Christmas food trends that will impress your clients and guests this 2017 season:


The Essential Christmas Party Hire Checklist

15 Sep 17 By: Lene McGuinness

For many companies, brands and individuals, the Christmas party is one of the biggest annual events that they will organise. For some it’s about rewarding staff, impressing clients and for others, the most important thing is about getting family and friends together. The festive season is also a time when pop-ups and one-off events take centre stage.

So, whether you’re a pop-up host, professional event organiser, a caterer or have been tasked with arranging your company’s Christmas party then take a look at our essential Christmas party hire checklist.


Halloween Party Inspiration

01 Sep 17 By: Lene McGuinness

September is here and with the nights drawing in, it's time to start getting organised for any Halloween parties you may be throwing. Whether it's a big family and friends get together, a corporate event or a seasonal pop-up, we have what you need for the perfect Halloween party.  


Winter Wedding Inspiration

31 Aug 17 By: Lene McGuinness

Winter weddings don't have to be all about darkness and rain, they can be magical and romantic – full of rich warm colours, sparkle and luxurious faux fur. At Allens Hire, we have scoured our vast wedding hire collection to find the best products we have for fabulous winter wedding.


7 things you need to hire for your event but always forget about

17 Aug 17

Whether you are a seasoned event pro, have been tasked to organise your company's yearly jolly or love throwing big family parties, there are always little details that can be easily forgotten about.


Serving craft beer at your event

01 Aug 17

Craft beer has taken the UK by storm in the last few years. There has been an explosion of micro- breweries across the country and now almost every UK county has its own craft beer.


How to host a family event

31 Jul 17

At Allens Hire, we offer catering equipment and furniture hire for your family event. Hiring items such as glasses, china, chairs and tables can be a cost effective and convenient way to ensure you have all your party essentials.


New ways of serving gin

27 Jul 17

The rise of gin has been well documented. This drink, once seen as old fashioned, the preserve of grandmothers, has now has come back in style!


Christmas party hire trends 2017

20 Jul 17

Now it’s summer, most people are thinking about holidays, getting out to the beach and wondering where they can get a decent glass of Pimms. However, if you want to make sure you get the pick of Christmas party catering equipment and furniture hire, now is the ideal time to book.


The return of the plate

01 Jul 17

You may have noticed when you go out to eat, that plates are becoming an endangered species. Replacing the once stalwart of the restaurant industry are slates, wooden boards, stones, flat caps and even dog bowls.