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Miscellaneous Linen Hire

From special linen napkins to Baize cloths and hand towels, we have a number of additional items to our linen section available for hire from Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire.

Foremost is the collection of superb quality 100% pure white linen napkins available with varying coloured edges, including pink, green, beige or black. These white linen napkins are made from the luxurious fabric and can be used with any of our tablecloth ranges where and when a high quality napkin is required.

For a soft undercover and for added protection from hot bases and sharp objects for your table surfaces our Baize cloths can be used. They can also give a more luxurious feel to you tables.

As part of the comprehensive service we provide, a supply of hand towels is also available for use in the ladies and gentlemen’s cloakrooms.

Allens’ range of linen includes a multitude of colours of standard, brocade, Matisse and Shimmer linens for different sized round and rectangular trestle and section tables, as well as matching napkins. Browse our selection of different tablecloths and napkins and then choose from this selection of additional miscellaneous items to complete your table dressing hire needs.