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Riedel Veritas

The Very Best in Riedel's Grape Specific Stemware

Riedel Restaurant

Specific Glasses for Grape Varietals

Riedel Performance

The ultimate loudspeaker for fine wine

Riedel O Stemless

Fabulous Varietal Specific Wine Tumblers

Riedel Degustazione

Riedel - the best for Everyday

Riedel Bar

Innovative cocktail glassware

Spiegelau made by Riedel

Cut Crystal making a stylish comeback

Nachtmann made by Riedel

Beautifully cut from the finest crystal

Hue Design Coloured Glassware

Warm, earthy tones

Vibe Glassware

Vibrant gold and silver glassware


Unique custom made glassware

Aquataine Crystal


Magnifico Crystal

Beautifully subtle shapes

Open Up

Uniquely shaped finest Kwarx®crystal


Elegant style 140% stronger than normal crystal

Siena Crystal

Contemporary and stylish

Sofia Glassware

Romantic Flower Shaped


Simple Crystal


An old faithful from times past

Grands Cepages

Leading Kwarx® technology delivering style

Verdi Glassware

Tall and elegant

Coloured Glass

Create an atmosphere


Make a party happen

Jugs and Decanters

All you need for serving water, wine, juice and cocktails


Everyday needs


A starting point


All the bits

Glass Hire

The Glassware collection features an array of crystal and glass stemware to cater to even the most specific glass hire needs. From our basic water and wine glasses to our more sophisticated crystal glasses, we offer glass and stemware that’s suitable for all types of beverage and all budgets.  Choose from a broad selection of coloured glass to suit the theme of your event. Our range of crystal glasses to enhance the enjoyment of the wines and champagne is extensive, with “Open Up” and “Vinoteque” proving particularly popular not only because of their unique shape and design but also new technological developments improving their strength.