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Hire Charger Plates

At Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire we have a variety of charger plates to hire , for the perfect way to create ambience at a dinner and complete any table setting. Boasting a range of styles and colourways, our charger plates are high quality and appropriate for any occasion. Whether you need to hire charger plates for an elegant wedding reception or a classic porcelain design for a formal corporate dinner, our selection of china will fit whatever the décor or tone your event is aiming for.

When it comes to hosting sophisticated dinner occasions, it can be hard to know what is needed in order to fulfil the expectations of your guests and plan an evening that runs as smoothly as possible. Hiring charger plates are key to any traditional formal table setting, a great backdrop to the rest of the china and food that is laid out as well as a staple throughout the meal. It will be the item of tableware that each guest could see throughout the entirety of the evening, therefore it is important to pick exactly the right one.

From classic and traditional elegance like the William Edwards collection or beaded charger plates, to more contemporary and modern styles that won’t be anything like what your guests have seen before, there is so much available for rental from Allens Hire. There are a vast range of colours to choose from, so you’ll find just the thing to match the tone of your event and really make a statement. With delicate pastels and vivid brights, as well as stunning smoked glass, there is definitely something for everyone in our range of charger plates for hire.

At Allens Hire, we understand that hosting formal dinners such as these can be a toll, especially when trying to make sure everything goes to plan. That’s why we like to help make the special occasion a little easier by guaranteeing top tier service and delivery in the London, over to the West and down to the South Coast area.

Browse our range of charger plates today in our China collection, all available for rental from Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire.