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Product Detail Product Name Price Quantity
113015-Jars-Grey-Cashmere-Plate-10.3-295x29 113015 Jars Grey Cashmere Plate 10.3" £ 2.57 each
304101-Hue-Design-Amber-Glass-465-295x295.jpg 304101 Hue Design Amber Glass £ 1.21 each
204501-Sambonet-Versailles-Gold-Table-Knife-295x295.jpg 204501 Versailles Gold Table Knife S/S £ 9.16 per 10
204503-Sambonet-Versailles-Gold-Dessert-Knife-295x295.jpg 204503 Versailles Gold Dessert Knife S/S £ 9.16 per 10
204502-Sambonet-Versailles-Gold-Table-Fork-295x295.jpg 204502 Versailles Gold Table Fork S/S £ 9.16 per 10
204504-Sambonet-Versailles-Gold-Dessert-Fork-295x295.jpg 204504 Versailles Gold Dessert Fork S/S £ 9.16 per 10
404060 Antique Oak Bentwood Chair 295X295 404060 Antique Oak Bentwood Chair Hire £ 6.76 each
405012-Tenby-Oat-Seat-Pad-295x295.jpg 405012 Tenby Oat Seat Pad £ 0.44 each
401011-Rustic-Trestle-Table-295x295.jpg 401011 Rustic Trestle Table 6' X 3' £ 18.69 each
Ivory-Napkin-295x295.jpg 809051 Ivory Napkin £ 1.27 each

Step into the warm embrace of Amber Lakes and discover a world where rustic charm meets contemporary elegance. The centrepiece of this captivating scene is the Jars Grey Cashmere Plate, a true work of art that combines the organic beauty of nature with modern design sensibilities. Its textured surface and soothing grey tones create a captivating backdrop for your culinary creations.

As your eyes wander across the table, you'll be drawn to the Hue Design Amber Glass, which exudes a warm and inviting glow. These exquisite glasses, with their rich amber hues and delicate craftsmanship, add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any dining experience. Each sip becomes an indulgence as the light dances through the translucent glass, enhancing the colours and flavours of your favourite beverages.

No table setting is complete without the timeless appeal of the Versailles Gold Cutlery. Its ornate detailing and luxurious gold finish bring an air of regal opulence to the scene. With every bite, you'll feel the weight of craftsmanship in your hand, as the Versailles Gold Cutlery elevates your dining experience to new heights.

Amber Lakes is a celebration of nature's beauty and the timeless allure of rustic elegance. Let the Jars Grey Cashmere Plate, Hue Design Amber Glassware, Versailles Gold Cutlery, and rustic tableware transport you to a serene lakeside retreat, where simplicity and sophistication coexist in perfect harmony. Indulge in the rustic charm and contemporary allure of Amber Lakes, where every detail is crafted to inspire and delight your senses.