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Product Detail Product Name Price Quantity
409006-Genoa-Stool-White-295x295 409006 Genoa Stool White £ 58.15 each
409007-Genoa-Stool-Black-295x295 409007 Genoa Stool Black £ 58.15 each
409005-Genoa-Coffee-Table-Black-295x295 409005 Genoa Coffee Table Black £ 99.69 each
409008-Milan-Unit-Chair-Black-295x295 409008 Milan Unit Chair Black £ 166.07 each
409009-Milan-Corner-Unit-Black-295x295 409009 Milan Corner Unit Black £ 182.68 each
409010-Milan-Unit-Sofa-Black-295x295 409010 Milan Unit Sofa Black £ 215.91 each
409002-Turin-Arm-Chair-White-295x295 409002 Turin Arm Chair White £ 182.68 each
409004-Turin-Arm-Chair-Black-295x295 409004 Turin Arm Chair Black £ 182.68 each
turin_sofa_black.jpg 409003 Turin Sofa Black £ 298.94 each
402024-Lounge-LED-Coffee-Table-295x295 402024 Lounge LED Coffee Table £ 137.03 each

From banquets to product launches, many events need an area for guests to sit down and relax in. This is where Allens’ Lounge furniture concept comes in; from monochrome stools to sofas, to LED tables, we have a range of contemporary furniture for hire in London that will help keep your guests comfortable, whether it's for a cocktail party or conference.