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Product Detail Product Name Price Quantity
105113-Pastel-Sand-Plate-295x295.jpg 105113 Pastel Sand Plate 12" £ 2.62 each
105330-White-on-White-Plate-27.5cm-295x295 105330 White on White Plate 27.5cm £ 4.62 each
105328-White-Plate-17cm-295x295 105328 White Plate 17cm £ 2.88 each
205501 Inox Champagne Gold Table Knife 295X295 205501 Inox Champagne Table Knife S/S £ 5.65 per 10
205508 Inox Champagne Gold Side Knife 295X295 205508 Inox Champagne Side Knife S/S £ 5.65 per 10
205502 Inox Champagne Gold Table Fork 295X295 205502 Inox Champagne Table Fork S/S £ 5.65 per 10
205504 Inox Champagne Gold Dessert Fork 295X295 205504 Inox Champagne Dessert Fork S/S £ 4.66 per 10
205505 Inox Champagne Gold Dessert Spoon 295X295 205505 Inox Champagne Dessert Spoon S/S £ 5.65 per 10
301201 Regency Gold White Wine Glass 295 X 295 301201 Regency Gold White Wine Glass £ 2.25 Each
301202 Regency Gold Red Wine Glass 295 X 295 301202 Regency Gold Red Wine Glass £ 2.25 Each
301204 Regency Gold Champagne Glass 295 X 295 301204 Regency Gold Champagne Glass £ 2.25 Each
White-483x295.jpg 801550 White Cloth 144 x 90 £ 14.92 each
White-483x295.jpg 806501 White Kew Napkin £ 1.46 each

Welcome to the Botleys Get Inspired page on the Allens Hire website, your gateway to timeless elegance and refined aesthetics. Discover an exquisite collection of products that will elevate your event to new heights. Feast your eyes on the delicate Pastel Sand Plate, a harmonious blend of subtlety and sophistication. Delve into the captivating world of the William Edwards 'Fresco' White on White plate, where artistry meets simplicity in perfect harmony. Complete your table setting with the sleek and polished Inox Champagne Cutlery, adding a touch of luxury to every dining experience. Enhance the ambiance with the regal Regency Gold Glassware, exuding opulence and grandeur. At Allens Hire, we believe that every detail matters, and our curated selection ensures an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Unleash your imagination and create a truly remarkable occasion. Get inspired with Allens Hire today and let your event shine with unparalleled sophistication.