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Kitchen Equipment Accessories Hire

At Allens Hire we understand that catering can be at the centre of any important event or occasion, and so in addition to our range of kitchen equipment and appliances, we now have a number of catering accessories available for hire. Whether you are arranging a small informal buffet or an expansive and high class banquet, we have everything you need to create a wonderful celebration for every single one of your guests.

Organisation is key when planning and executing any event no matter the size, so browse our range of kitchen accessories that will help to ensure everything goes to plan on the day. From jack stacks that hold approximately one hundred plates and racking trollies, to thermal gastronome boxes and portable hand sinks to improve hygiene. Here at Allens Hire we have each and every essential item you need for rental to create a useful temporary kitchen, ideal for catering.

In this collection, we have a selection of kitchen accessories to aid food service, made from durable and high quality materials. Available for hire, we have professional and portable kitchen tables made from stainless steel, perfect for catering and easy to thoroughly clean between tasks. In addition to these, why not scroll through our stainless steel utensils in this range? Vast saucepans that hold thirty-two pints for long guestlists, fish kettles, as well as tools like carving forks and knives are all available to rent.

For immaculate presentation we have both coffee and tea butlers that can be brought to diners on our large service trays, perfect for when there’s a little more to carry than usual.

All available to lease from Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire, browse our wide range of kitchen accessories today, great for all your food service equipment needs.