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Chippenham is a market town in Northwest Wiltshire and is located on the River Avon. Chippenham is a quaint town with weekly markets and beautiful surrounding countryside. From horse events and country fairs to beautiful manor house weddings and events, Chippenham is the perfect location for that extra special day, and one that we know very well at Allens Hire. Some fantastic spaces for your events include:

  • The Manor House
  • The Manor House Golf Club
  • Grittleton House
  • Church Farm
  • Chippenham Golf Club

For great quality products and impeccable service for a party or event in the Chippenham area, look no further than Allens Hire. With everything from table linen and glassware to, tables and chairs, Allens Hire is your number one port of call for any party or event in Chippenham. From big celebrations such as weddings and milestone birthdays to corporate events and funerals, we have experience for catering to a whole host of different events and can help to make yours perfect.

Whether you’re looking for extravagant décor, crystal glassware and polished silver for a super special celebration, or you’re opting for function over style for a corporate or networking event, Allens Hire can help. For networking events and conferences, browse through our range of comfortable conference chairs and for weddings and big birthdays we have a range of banquet chairs, perfect for seating guests on your big day. For a more casual approach to your Chippenham event, hosts and organisers can browse trestle tables and wooden benches, for a stylishly rustic feel.

Of course, no event is complete without food and drink and at Allens Hire in Chippenham, we’re proud to present a whole host of different ways to cook and serve food. From gas BBQs for casual feasts to turbo ovens, hot cupboards and industrial fridges and freezers, we can help with all of your delicious catering needs, no matter what you choose to serve. As well as electrical appliances, Allens Hire can also bring the finishing touches with crockery, beautiful glassware and even different styles of lighting, to really set the scene. If you’re hosting an event in Chippenham, get in contact with Allens Hire today.