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Grecian Cutlery Hire EPNS

Grecian Cutlery Hire EPNS

Hire traditional silver plated Grecian Cutlery EPNS for your next occasions; in order to add some timeless style and sophistication to proceedings.

Allens Hire Grecian Cutlery EPNS is a timeless collection which recreates classic Grecian designs using the highest quality silver plated material. Grecian cutlery was first introduced during the Art Deco period and is signified by its bevelled edges and hard angular corner. The design is a nod to classical Greek architecture; hence the name Grecian Cutlery.

Grecian Cutlery from Allens Catering Hire has been used at the most high profile events in London and the South East of England. The collection is most popular for traditional events, like weddings. Allens Catering Equipment & Furniture Hire are no strangers to these kinds of events. We have catered to weddings at famous parks, palaces and other fantastic venues. Our elegant, silver plated Grecian cutlery is at home in them all.

The Allens Hire Grecian cutlery collection includes table knives, side knifes, table forks and dessert forks. The spoon selection includes dessert spoon, coffee spoon, soup spoons and larger serving spoons. Select the piece that you wish to hire, and in the amount you need. Our large selection will accommodate you.

As one of the leading catering equipment and furniture hire companies in London and South East of England, Allens Hire has devoted care and attention into producing the widest collection of cutlery possible. A wide variety of designs are available including traditional and heraldic designs or contemporary designs for the most modern of occasions. The Grecian cutlery collection is amongst the very fines on offer. Every piece is made from high quality materials; marrying classic Grecian design to ultra-modern craftsmanship.

Choose the Grecian Cutlery pieces you need today and Allens Hire will provide them on time and within your budget.