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Robert Welch Palm Cutlery S/S

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Robert Welch Palm Cutlery Hire S/S

The Robert Welch Palm Cutlery range is now available exclusively from Allens Hire. Discover the distinctive collection today.

This elite style of cutlery is perfect for high profile occasions, adding a sense of drama to the occasion through the subtle light play of each item. The iconic palm pattern on each handle creates unique highlights and shadows which are influenced by the position of the lights in the room and the seating position of each guest.

Robert Welch Palm Cutlery is available to hire exclusively from Allens Catering Hire. It is a range which the Allens Hire team is particularly proud of. Internationally renowned designer Robert Welch is one of the luminaries of the industry. When an event features Robert Welch cutlery, it is marked out as an exclusive one.

The collection includes the Palm Table Knife and Table Fork, in addition to the Palm Dessert Knife, Fork and Spoon. The range of spoons also includes the Palm Soup Spoon, Coffee/Tea Spoon and larger Palm Service Spoon. All of the pieces available are made from stainless steel with a bright finish. The collection is made from the highest quality stainless steel which is guaranteed dishwasher safe. Knives are made from specially hardened steel to deliver a premier cutting edge.

Hire a number of luxurious choices from the exclusive Robert Welch Palm Cutlery range today or discover a variety of other cutlery choices here at the Allens Hire site. The designs available include traditional and heraldic designs, in addition to classic, contemporary or ultra modern designs. A selection of Grecian silver plated pieces is also available. Whatever the event, or celebration, there is a cutlery selection which is perfect for it.

Explore the Robert Welch Palm cutlery range today and choose the right pieces for your event.