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BBQ Hire - Barbecue Hire

At Allens we understand that no outdoor event is complete without hiring a BBQ, so look no further than our assortment of appliances and accompanying equipment now available for hire in a range of sizes.

Whether it’s for an outdoor wedding reception, summer party, or national holiday, we have a range of BBQs for hire you need to kick off an amazing BBQ that’s sure to impress. No matter the size of your gathering, from small and intimate parties to large and bustling commercial events, we can provide the necessary services.

We have a wide selection of BBQs for hire, from six foot long charcoal BBQs to smaller and more versatile models perfect for the grilling novice at a family party. And these aren’t the only options, we know that charcoal BBQs aren’t appropriate for every occasion, so look no further than our large gas BBQs that are also available for hire. In addition, regardless of what type of BBQ you choose to rent from Allens Hire, we have all the supplies you need to keep the party going all night long, whether it’s bags of charcoal or gas canisters.

Our BBQs are both simple and accessible pieces of equipment, that can be set up and taken down easily. All our BBQs have folding legs that click into place securely, meaning that they can be tucked away when all of the fun of the event is over. It’s easy to get cooking with the Allens Hire rental BBQs, with the gas version just needing to be connected to a gas canister which we can provide as part of the rental for an extra cost.

So, browse our range of BBQs for hire as well as grilling supplies, all available for rental from Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire, to create your perfect outdoor event.