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Miscellaneous Furniture

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Miscellaneous Furniture Hire

Here at Allens, we always think outside the box, striving to have everything you need whatever the celebration or occasion you are planning. As experts in event furniture hire for a variety of functions, we know that it is more than just basic necessities like chairs and tables that complete a special night, and so have a range of miscellaneous furniture to cater to your every need.

If you want to add a touch of exclusivity to your event, we offer rental of luxurious and high quality velvet ropes and stands, to place at the entrance of your event, which can be especially useful if you have hired security for the evening. As well as this, we have both black and gold easels and boards that can be personalised in any way you want, and help to make a statement at the entrance. Pair both of these with a red carpet and, whatever event you’re hosting, it’ll have a hint of Hollywood glamour.

Planning on having a cloakroom so that guests have somewhere safe to keep their possessions whilst you dance the night away? Allens Hire has everything you need when it comes to cloakroom equipment, from coat rails to hangers in order to keep everything carefully organised and looking professional, which we find is especially useful for wedding receptions, corporate functions, and other large scale events. Or maybe your special occasion has performers who require a dressing room? Not a problem. Allens Hire have a selection of mirrors, both classic square makeup mirrors and full length, as well as screens to create a temporary space that will provide a solution. Finally, there are also options to hire booster seats and highchairs, perfect for little ones.

All available for rental from Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire, browse our range of Miscellaneous Furniture today to create your perfect day!