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class="category"><strong>Kings Cutlery Hire EPNS</strong>

The Kings Electro Plated Nickel Sliver (EPNS) Cutlery range is now available exclusively from Allens Hire. Discover the distinctive collection today.

This elite style of cutlery is perfect for high profile occasions such as weddings, banquets and formal dinners and the distinctive royal design adds a sense of drama to the occasion. Commissioned by King George III and created by silversmiths Henry and John Lias, the honeysuckle flower and shell motif is one of the most recognisable cutlery designs in the world.   

Kings (EPNS) Cutlery is available to hire exclusively from Allens Catering Hire. It is a range which the Allens Hire team is particularly proud of. When an event features Kings (EPNS) Cutlery, it is marked out as an exclusive one.

The collection includes table knives and forks, dessert knives and forks and spoons. The range of spoons also includes soup spoons, coffee/tea spoons and a sauce ladle. All cutlery available are made from electroplated nickel and the collection is crafted from the highest quality stainless steel, which is guaranteed dishwasher safe.

Hire a number of luxurious choices from the exclusive Kings (EPNS) Cutlery range today or discover a variety of other cutlery choices here at Allens Hire. Whether you are looking for elegant, traditional or contemporary designs, we have cutlery to suit your event or celebration.

Explore the Kings (EPNS) Cutlery range today and choose the right pieces for your event.