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Scandinavian Cutlery Hire

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Scandinavian Cutlery Hire S/S

Hire Scandinavian Cutlery from Allens Hire to enjoy a smart, yet simple option which is perfect for any event.

Scandinavian cutlery pieces are strong and reliable, without the need for ostentatious design flourishes. Functional ergonomic designs are combined with polished steel to create a cutlery choice which is attractive and functional. The best aspect of Scandinavian design has to be versatility. This cutlery is at home just about anywhere.

Scandinavian design has always been signified by simplicity. Allens Hire cutlery bears the hallmarks of this school of design, in their streamlined oval appearance. From weddings to corporate events, the classic aesthetic of Scandinavian cutlery means that it is often selected by very diverse events and engagements.

The Scandinavian cutlery collection from Allens Hire features dinner knives and forks, side knives and dessert pieces. Individual fish knives and fish forks are also available in addition to tea and coffee spoons and service items. Additional salad tongs, cheese knives and pastry servers can also be ordered.

Choose Scandinavian Cutlery by Allens Hire for your next event; and take a no nonsense approach at your next event. But don’t confuse simplicity with a lack of quality. Scandinavian Cutlery is expertly crafted and precisely weighted for a fantastic user experience.

Explore the collection today and choose any amount of Scandinavian cutlery for your next event.