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Polar Cutlery Hire S/S

Discover the attractive spherical nature of the Allens Hire Polar Cutlery collection in stainless steel.

With rounded heads and chunky spherical handles, these contemporary cutlery pieces are wonderfully easy to use; but that does not take away from their sleek, gleaming sophistication. Each raised and curved handle creates subtle moods and textures with the light within the room, while the deep spoon heads create the inverse effect.

Every piece in the Polar Cutlery collection from Allens Catering Hire has been carefully crafted to retain its signature shape; and is highly polished for an eye-catching finish. Each piece is considerably weighted but the balance of each curved handle ensures that they could not be simpler to hold and enjoy. They’re perfect for a variety of contemporary events within large, urban spaces or event venues.

The Allens Polar Cutlery collection includes table knife and fork and dessert knife and fork. Dessert spoon and coffee/tea spoon are supplemented with a large Polar serving spoon and larger Polar soup spoon. Additional pieces include the Polar cake/bridal knife and extra sharp steak knives; while specialised tapas forks are available for an added Mediterranean feel.

Hire as many Polar Cutlery pieces as you need for your event in London or the South West of England. No event or celebration is too large or small, but by choosing Allens Catering Hire, you are choosing an elite clientele. We have provided catering equipment and furniture hire for parks, palaces and even parties at home. A variety of different cutlery collections are available in styles to choose every event.

Browse the collection today and choose enough Polar Cutlery pieces to cater to every guest, for an affordable cost.