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Christmas Catering Equipment Hire - Crockery, Tableware, Glassware

Everyone’s favourite time of year is just around the corner and whether you’re looking for catering equipment and furniture for an office Christmas party, or a spectacular festive dinner with great friends, Allens Hire has some fantastic tableware, glassware and furniture to help make your seasonal shindig that little bit more special. Whether you’re a company in search of catering equipment or a party planner that needs furniture and table linen to sit perfectly with your venue’s décor – we’ve got you covered.

The Christmas season is a time of joy, celebration, and gathering with loved ones. As the festive bells start ringing, it's time to ensure your special meal goes without a hitch. Whether you're hosting a large family gathering or an intimate festive dinner, our top-notch Christmas catering equipment hire services have got you covered. From crockery and tableware to glassware and furniture, let’s delve into how we can make your Christmas dinner truly magical.

Here’s ‘What’s Hot’ this party season.

Christmas Crockery Hire

Our Christmas crockery range is vast and varied, suitable for any type of festive setting. Whether you're looking for classic white plates that let your culinary creations shine or more festive-themed pieces, we have a collection to meet your needs.

  • Elegance Range: Clean lines, pristine white, ideal for a modern Christmas setting.
  • Vintage Collection: Bring a touch of nostalgia with our unique, rustic pieces.
  • Festive Specials: Plates and bowls adorned with Christmas motifs, perfect for that extra festive touch.

Christmas Tableware Hire

From cutlery sets that gleam under twinkling fairy lights to napkin rings that add that touch of glamour, our tableware collection ensures that every tiny detail of your festive table is taken care of.

  • Silver Service: Luxurious silver cutlery, perfect for a lavish Christmas feast.
  • Modern Matte: Contemporary pieces for a more modern aesthetic.
  • Festive Touches: Christmas-themed tableware pieces to keep the festive spirit going.

Christmas Glassware Hire

What's Christmas without a toast to health, happiness, and love? Our glassware collection ranges from classic wine glasses to intricate champagne flutes.

  • Crystal Clarity: Wine glasses, tumblers, and more with the finest clarity.
  • Champagne Elegance: Flutes designed to highlight the bubbly effervescence of your festive drinks.
  • Speciality Sets: For those mulled wines or festive cocktails, we've got unique glasses to suit.


With the rise of the gin balloon and other weird and wonderful cocktails in 2019 – it’s important that your glassware game is on point at any of your festive events – because as we enter another decade, one glass definitely doesn’t fit all. Introduced in 2018, our Riedal Bar Collection has just about everything you’d need to accommodate every festive tipple – whether that’s a tumbler to hold a Baileys on the rocks or a sour glass for a party perfect gin sour.


Gold table settings

If there’s ever any time of year where going full golden glamour needs no excuse – it’s definitely Christmas. Gold, red and green are the traditional colours of Christmas, so why not incorporate a little sparkle into your festive get together? New in for the festive season is the beautiful Sambonet Versailles Gold Cutlery range which will make a striking addition to your festive table layout. Remember the little details really do matter and nothing says Christmas like eating with gold cutlery. If you’re in for a penny, you’re in for a pound - so team golden cutlery with our William Edwards gold and silver plates, exclusively designed for Allens and perfect for a delicious festive banquet.

New colours

Smoky blues, midnight tones and navy have joined the party for Christmas 2020 - note: alongside red, green and gold, not instead of. Our Kew linen in smoke blue is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to add of one of the season’s hottest colours to their festive party, whether that’s a pop of smoky blue in the form of a napkin, or blue becoming the base of your table setting in tablecloth form. Don’t need linen? Try bringing this colour trend through in the form of coloured glassware with our Hue Design range.

Christmas Table & Furniture Hire

Seating your guests comfortably while ensuring your setting is as festive as ever is a challenge. Thankfully, our furniture hire range makes it easy.

  • Classic Chairs: Traditional wooden chairs that bring warmth to your Christmas setting.
  • Modern Seating: Contemporary designs for a chic festive look.
  • Festive Touches: Think chair bows, table runners, and more to bring in the Christmas cheer.

The grazing table is a fantastic idea to have at your Christmas party, whether you’re providing savoury delights such as cheeses, chutney, pigs in blankets and slices of nut roast or you’ve got visions for a sweet selection including mince pies and Christmas cake. However, nothing can sit on top of your grazing table without the table itself and new in at Allens we have rustic style trestle tables that will make the perfect base for your foodie delights. 

Christmas is a time to create memories and cherish the moments with your loved ones. Don’t let the lack of the right equipment put a damper on your festive spirits. From crockery, tableware, glassware, to furniture, our Christmas catering equipment hire service ensures that your festive celebrations are memorable and joyous. Contact us today to reserve your items and make this Christmas one for the books!

No matter the theme or style of your event, we have something at Allens Hire that will suit it perfectly. Browse through our latest products or get in touch today.