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Harley Cutlery Hire S/S

Hire cubic edged Harley cutlery pieces from Allens Catering and Equipment Hire to guarantee the perfect combination of classic and contemporary design.

Allens Hire references the past but embraces the future, with cubic edging in the art deco style and also slimline, curving silhouettes. Harley Cutlery is decorative without being ornate. There’s no need to stand on ceremony with these pieces, but they will bring beauty and elegance to the event.

Each handle in the Allens Hire Harley Cutlery set features and etched double step design. This design touch does not simply affect the texture and feel of the cutlery, they allow their stainless steel fascias to manipulate the light in visually interesting ways.

The Harley Cutlery collection from Allens Hire includes table knives and forks, side knives, dessert forks and spoons. The collection features tea spoons and smaller coffee spoons, in addition to a small tapas fork which is perfect for a variety of occasions.

At Allens catering equipment and furniture hire, customers choose from a wide array of stainless steel cutlery designs to compliment their plans and their needs. Cutlery ranges from modern cutlery designs such as the Allens Hire Harley collection to classic designs, like heraldic, Grecian and kings, Allens Hire provide stylish cutlery choices to all kinds of events throughout London and the South East of England.

If subtle and contemporary styling is your flavour, choose the Harley Cutlery collection from Allens Hire.