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Levite Cutlery S/S

Luxurious and contemporary

Polar Cutlery S/S

Sleek sophistication

Harley Cutlery S/S

Cubic edged

Fiddle Cutlery EPNS

Silver Plated Luxury

Grecian Cutlery EPNS

Silver plated sleek

Kings Cutlery EPNS

Silver Plated Traditional

Napoli S/S

Light and stylish

Kings Pattern Cutlery S/S

An old favourite

Cutlery Hire

Hiring Cutlery

Our collection of cutlery offers a range of different designs from contemporary to classics motifs. At Allens, we are always updating our collections and strive to have the latest styles in crockery design. Whether you are organising a wedding, corporate, private or pop-up event you can be sure to find the right cutlery set for your event.

Robert Welch

We stock three lines from Robert Welch, an internationally renowned cutlery and homeware designer..  All the ranges, Palm, Westbury and Iona, are made with 18/10 highest quality stainless steel and the knives are made from especially hardened steel to provide the finest cutting edge.


Made with elite style, Robert Welch’s Palm cutlery has an elegant profile. All pieces have the same distinctive grooved pattern bringing a sense of drama to any occasion through the light play on each item.


The Westbury cutlery range echoes traditional heraldic characteristics with the angled v-shaped bolster giving each fork, knife and spoon an elegant profile.


Robert Welch Iona cutlery is designed to ensure a comfortable grip in the hand.  Modern and distinctive, it holds a depth and weight whilst still retaining a slim, sleek aesthetic.

Levite Cutlery

Perfect for a whole host of modern events, the Levite cutlery set creates a larger than life visual aesthetic. The curved lines marry contemporary style with high spec materials. The design team behind the set took their time to perfect the shape, weight and balance of each piece.

Polar Cutlery

Sleek and sophisticated, every piece in the Polar Cutlery collection from Allens Catering Hire has been carefully crafted with rounded heads and chunky spherical handles ending in a point at the base. Each piece is weighted and balanced to give a comfortable hold. 

Harley Cutlery

Combine classic and contemporary design with the cubic edged Harley cutlery pieces from Allens Catering and Equipment Hire. Art Deco in style, this crockery set is designed in a way that encourages light to bounce off them in interesting ways.

Fiddle Cutlery EPNS

The fiddle design has been used in England since 1739, however, it is believed that the design, which resembles a violin body, has its origins in the Roman Empire. A versatile piece of cutlery, the silver plated fiddle set is ideal for any style of event. EPNS stands for Electro Plated Nickel Silver, this means a layer of pure silver is deposited electrolytically on the base metal to give a silver finish.  For those events where you want to impress a real sense of luxury – use EPNS

Grecian Cutlery EPNS

Whatever your event, this silver plated Grecian cutlery recreates classic ancient Greek designs. First introduced during the Art Deco period, this set is signified by its bevelled edges and hard angular corners.

Kings Cutlery EPNS

The classic Kings EPNS Cutlery epitomises luxury and traditional elegance. Designed by silversmithing brothers John and Henry Lias, the Kings Pattern typically depicted as a scallop shell and honeysuckle flower. Made in 1820 for King George IV, the pattern has never fallen out of fashion since, and the royal motif is still a mark of dining sophistication.

Napoli cutlery

Perfect for contemporary events, the Napoli cutlery sits well with modern surroundings and décor. The collection is designed to be lightweight and razor sharp, however, this is softened by a subtle curvature which allows light to beam from each item.

Kings Pattern Cutlery S/S

The design of the Kings Pattern is the same as the EPNS version of this range of cutlery but made of stainless steel making it more affordable for everyday events where you’re looking for a vintage look.

Scandinavian Cutlery

Simple and straightforward, like the cultural region that inspired the design, this set of Scandinavian cutlery is made out of stainless steel. This everyday versatile set can be hired for any event including weddings, banquets, award dinners and corporate events.

If you’re looking for cutlery hire then on don’t hesitate to call our London office on 020 8574 9600 or email For customers based on the South Coast, you can reach us on 02380 652 316.