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5 Summer Wedding Trends for 2013

18 Jul 13 By: Lene McGuinness

Summer is here and the wedding season is also well underway.  If you are looking for Summer Wedding Trends to inspire, have a look at our Top 5. And if you’ve been given the job of planning an unforgettable wedding party, look no further than Allens Catering Hire for all your wedding hire wants

Nautical – If this trend could be summed up in one word it would be: Stripes. Navy and white stripes, navy, white and red stripes, white and red strips. Use striped cotton ribbon to wrap around bouquets attach it to name cards and use it to hang flowers from the ceiling, chandeliers or candelabra.. You could also alternative seatpads navy and white, red and white or go for a mixture of red, white and blue. 

Beachified – Imagine, a coral bouquet… Quite possibly the perfect summer trend, the beachified bridal experience is ideal when hosted outdoors, ideally somewhere near the sea. Add plenty of raw wood, coral, mirrors and large candles in glass storm jars. The table setting should be neutral with touches of pastel hues and white, fine bone china with texture detailing like the Ginseng or Santinique range.  Our terracotta brocade linen could complement the theme. 

Rustic – One of the best parts about hosting a wedding with a rustic influence is the ability to spoil guests with a barbeque or hog roast. Style this farmhouse-theme reception party with plenty of natural limewashed chairs, paper lanterns cascading from the ceiling, large bouquets of sunflowers or white roses in glass jars or tin buckets. Use raffia or hire in a few straw bales.. For the table setting, select Mattise textured  white or ivory table linen and add to that either white fine, bone china or go for pastel coloured rims paired with mismatched, coloured cups and saucers and classic glassware.    

Gatsby – One of the biggest trends in 2013 and inspired by the roaring 1920s, the Gatsby theme is ultra-grand and glamorous with emphasis on fabric textures like brocade table linen in either natural hues or deep, royal blues and purples. The crockery and cutlery is classic-chic and the stemware, crystal. Add plenty of free standing mirrors to the space to both open up the room, giving it the impression of being a large, grand affair, as well as redirect the candlelight from large silver or pewter candelabras or chandeliers to create a lovely glow. As for your wedding furniture, go for a classic banquet setting and a lounge space near the bar area with seating found in the lounge furniture collection. 

Wanderlust – Think of this as a space where anything can go. It’s eclectic, it’s whimsical, it’s Alice in Wonderland meets Columbus. Set around a large banqueting table adorned with mismatched chairs in varying colours –large bunches of flowers like peonies, poppies and chrysanthemums making up the centerpiece. You can be creative with menus and place cards and centerpieces; think packs of cards and all the different characters of the books/journeys. If the reception is outside and during the day, add shade via beautiful, white pagodas and as day turns to dusk light the whole setting up with hundreds of tea light candles.