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Allens supplies catering equipment to Elephant Family's Fundraising Birthday Party

27 May 11 By: Lene McGuinness

Picture of Mark Shand, courtesy of Tony Buckingham

Allens were happy to supply catering equipment to the Elephant Family's latest fundraising event on 25th May; birthday celebrations for Mark Shand, and his elephant, Tara.
We add our own congratulations to Mark Shand, conservationist, adventurer, brother to the Duchess of Cornwall, Founder Member and Trustee of the charity, for his significant birthday this year.

The event was held by the charity in an exclusive venue in Portland Place in London where many fine pieces of art were exhibited and auctioned off to raise money to save the Asian elephant and migratory corridors under threat in India.

The Elephant Family are best known for the hugely successful fundraising Elephant Parade last year which featured 260 five foot high fibreglass elephants designed & decorated by various artists and celebrities and then auctioned off for the charity.

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