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Angus Memorial Pancake Day 2017

14 Mar 17

On 28 February we held our annual Angus Memorial Pancake Day. This is an occasion to remember our departed friend and colleague Angus Porteus in a way we are sure he would approve!

The afternoon began with a few words from Operations Director, Des who spoke about Angus’ fondness for Pancake Day and also wished the eight competitors good luck.

The competition saw eight colleagues compete to create their pancake masterpieces in the hope of winning the coveted Angus Memorial Pancake Award 2017. First up we had four members of the sales team: Sweta, Kirsty, Surinder and Debbie. Kirsty was aiming to recapture her title from 2015 with a lemon meringue filled pancake, whilst Debbie aimed to impress with her rainbow coloured pancakes.

Next up to show off their pancake making abilities were Angelika, Urmila, Odler and Lucia. The competition looked tight as each competitor paid close attention to the presentation of their pancakes and staff were even treated to a number of pancake flips from Odler!

Each pancake was tasted by Allens staff and rated on three elements: appearance, taste and innovation. The competitor with the highest overall score would be crowned the winner and for the second year running, Urmila triumphed with her fully loaded fruit and whipped cream pancake.

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