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Catering Equipment Hire vs Purchase

17 Mar 10 By: Lene McGuinness

If you need to justify catering equipment hire, here is a list of just some of the advantages that may be used to make up your mind:

Hiring is a greener option : It allows for equipment to be reused and to raise your green credentials.  Hiring is a way of sharing equipment rather than it lying idle on a shelf.

Hiring saves money : No capital outlay is required so you can meet demand quickly and easily, and have immediate access to a wide range of equipment in contemporary designs and styles.  Hiring frees up capital to allow you freedom to concentrate of developing other priority areas.  Hiring can save on labour costs, insurance, repair and maintenance, storage and depreciation.

Peace of mind : Hiring gives you peace of mind because you don't need to do anything but collect it or wait for delivery, do your job, and return it or wait for collection.

Business hiring is tax deductable :  Tax invoiced paperwork makes accounting easy, and it's all tax deductable.

Reliable equipment : Hired equipment is normally replaced sooner. Hiring assures up-to-the-minute styles. Particularly with kitchen equipment it means that you can be assured that it is the latest, most modern and safest equipment.  We constantly test our gas and electrical equipment ensuring that it is reliable and efficient.

Meet peak demands : When things get busy, simply add hire equipment to your events.

You're in control  : You can plan when the equipment is and isn't needed.  Have peace of mind knowing that if you want something for a specific date and time, it will be there for you.