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Catering Industry Resolutions for 2017

11 Jan 17 By: Lene McGuinness

Its 2017, the New Year has been rung in and 2016 is now history. While 2017 is far from predictable, it's always positive to have goals and resolutions, not just for yourself but for your business too. At Allens Hire, we've identified four resolutions any catering or event company may want to take on this year. 


Every business should focus on sustainability, but it’s a term that means different things to different people. For the catering and event industry, sustainability mainly focuses on food. Here are a few suggestions on how to make your food offerings more sustainable:

Seafood:if creating seafood dishes, ensure you use produce that has been fished or farmed sustainably. Look out for the blue Marine Stewardship Council ecolabel when buying seafood from your supplier.

Meat: buy your meat from a sustainable source – either build relationships with local farmers or look out for meat that is Free Range (for chicken), Grass Fed (for beef) and Outdoor Reared (for pork). There are also other accreditations such as Freedom Food which is overseen by the RSPCA and Red Tractor, providing traceability back to the farm. If you decide to buy organic food, ensure the farm it comes from is accredited by the Soil Association.

Veg: buy wonky vegetables. 40% of crops in the UK are dumped because they do not meet aesthetic requirements. Not only is buying wonky veg cheaper, it is also better for the environment, helps keep UK farmers in business. If you’re chopping it up anyway, why does it matter if they come to you a bit ugly? It makes no difference to how they taste.

Keep your food local and seasonal

This resolution will also help you with your sustainability goals. Where possible, try and keep your food and drink options local and seasonal. If a complete overhaul is too much then choose one thing you can start buying from a local source. Even though London is a huge urban area, there are plenty of small local producers who can help you with and the right seasonal fare. Below we have listed three products which can be easily switched to local suppliers in London:

Beer: Swap international brewery brands and serve craft brewery beer, brewed locally.

Honey: When it comes to green space London is a world leader. With the rise of community gardening and with the capital having a huge diversity of flora, London honey has become a hot commodity amongst top chefs. Search online for your closest honey supplier.

Coffee: The rise of London-based coffee rosters has followed the rise of ‘hipster' coffee shops. Of course, the beans are not grown in the capital and are imported from abroad, but the flavour of your coffee is partially down to how it is roasted. Many fashionable coffee shops now have their own roasting facilities and sell their coffees wholesale.

Have more interesting soft drinks on offer

21% of people in England now describe themselves as teetotal and among 16-24 year-olds, the proposition of those who do not drink has risen 40% between 2005 and 2013. There is also a general trend towards drinking less alcohol, especially during the week. This means events will benefit by having a better selection of non-alcoholic drinks, and no Coke or Pepsi is not going to cut it. It was reported in 2016 that sales of Coke have declined, also including diet options that are available. This means that if you want to attract more people to your events you will need a more exciting selection of soft drinks. This can include mocktails, smoothies and posh soda such as Kisch’s Rhubarb and Thai basil soda and Lovely’s sparkling raspberry lemonade.

Waste not want not

Instead of buying everything you need for an event, why not hire it instead? This will not only save you money and space – it will also help the environment as furniture, glassware and plates are reused rather than lying idle on a shelf.

Whatever your event, we can help you with all your catering and furniture hire needs. Contact us today!