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Christmas food trends

30 Sep 17 By: Lene McGuinness

Have yourself a 70s Christmas

That's right the 70s are back this yuletide! Think show-stopping desserts and dishes which will have style as well as substance. Supermarket Waitrose and top celebrity chefs such as Yotam Ottolenghi, have been leading the 70s revival by introducing black forest gateau inspired dishes to their range and menus.

Prosecco flavoured foods

In the UK, we have taken to prosecco like ducks to water and our insatiable appetite for the Italian sparkling wine only looks set to rise. Why not serve your guests prosecco jellies, desserts with prosecco filling or splash a bit of bubbles onto your turkey while roasting to help keep it succulent? The supermarkets and retailers see prosecco as being a leading product this season with restaurant chain Carluccio's featuring panettone filled with prosecco and Waitrose are set to launch a boneless turkey with a prosecco baste. 

Centrepiece dishes

Experts differ on whether this trend was started by the hugely popular TV series Game of Thrones or inspiration came from the still much loved Great British Bake Off. Creating a centrepiece dish that wows, not only leaves your guests impressed but may also lead to perfectly Instagramable pictures, which is ideal if you are hosting a commercial event such as a pop-up or supper club. For some inspiration, why not create a rack of venison encircling a stuffing or vegetable centre or encase your meat dishes in highly decorated pastries. 

Happy Ginmas

Gin has been on trend for some time in cocktails and bars, but in food? Well according to Retail Week the botanical flavours of gin will be lifting our Christmas favourites. Think gin cured salmon, gin chocolate bombs and gin dressings on salads. Generally, gin works really well on fish and with desserts.

Insect-inspired canapes

According to online grocer, Ocado insect canapes might be this season's favourite nibble. While it seems strange, the idea has been gaining traction as a way of combating food shortages and helping the environment. Whilst Eat Grub, an insect food company have enjoyed a fair bit of success, it remains to be seen if eating insects will become mainstream. However, it's a great talking point for your event, if you think your guests are up for it. 

Christmas inspired meat-free dishes

According to the Vegan Society and the Vegetarian Society, an estimated 3% of the population are now vegan or vegetarian. There has been a steady rise in eating a plant based diet over the past few years, and the clean eating trend has also helped these figures rise. Even at Christmas, guests still want to eat healthily when they can. So creating meat-free dishes or canapés offers your guests variety. The sweetness of butternut squash is always a winner, give a unique twist to sprouts with the help of spices or pep up parsnips with truffle oil.

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