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Cocktail trends: our 3 predictions for 2016

22 Dec 15

With 2016 fast approaching and the ever-changing cocktail trends in the UK showing new developments in what is popular, here we have collated a list of the most common as well as new and upcoming cocktails. Although it is still a favourite for many, the classic Mojito is no longer the most prevalent cocktail in the UK. Our three predictions for the most fashionable cocktails in 2016 are as follows:


Throughout 2015, more and more gin-based cocktails have been emerging at the forefront of cocktail trends. With so many consumers being inspired by gin when choosing their desired cocktail from a list, the number to choose from has sky-rocketed and shows no signs of slowing down! Allens Hire predicts the most sought-after gin cocktails in 2016 will include Bloom Bellinis, Gordon’s Elderflower Cooler and the Bombay Sapphire Collins.

Dark rum on dark nights

The rise in tiki and Jamaican bars and restaurants in the UK have triggered an increase in people selecting rum-based cocktails as their drink of choice. Having particularly peaked during the autumn and winter months, Allens Hire predicts that the surge in rum-based cocktails shows no signs of slowing down. We expect that the most popular rum-based cocktails in 2016 will consist of The Hurricane, The Angry Pirate and the Ginger Mojito.

Tempted by Tequila

Over the last few years, tequila has become an increasingly popular ingredient across a number of classic and new cocktail recipes. Tequila sunrise is no longer the only cocktail that springs to mind! Officially, the spirit itself can only be legally named tequila if it has been produced in Jalisco or Guanajuato in Mexico, making it somewhat exclusive whilst still being a global favourite. Allens Hire predicts that tequila’s popularity will soar in 2016, with classic cocktails being given a modern twist. We expect that Strawberry Margarita Punch will be a summertime favourite, particularly at outdoor events.

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