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Five-a-Wedding-Day: Five Wedding Eats from Breakfast to Dinner & Beyond

01 Apr 15

Everybody loves a wedding, but few could argue that the day is especially fun for foodies. There are just so many great things to enjoy, from breakfast through to a wonderful three course dinner -- and of course the all important late night party snacks which provide a much needed energy boost.

Now eating them all might be fun, but choosing them can be less so. If you’re in charge of planning the wedding your might be sick of wedding food before the day arrives, simply due to the amount of things to choose from and the amount of requirements to consider.

So how do you choose what to eat? You can start by thinking about nutrition and choosing foods for the right reasons. Here are five great foods to consider (one for every part of the wedding day)

1.      Breakfast: Oatmeal

Weddings can be emotional at the best of times but poor nutrition could lead to sugar highs and crashes which could make you feel all the wrong things. That’s why porridge is such an important factor on a wedding day: it’s a source of all day energy that lets your body’s sugar levels rise slowly and stay even for a long time.

Ok, you might see a bowl of plain porridge as prison food but you can add some zing to your breakfast with berries, fresh fruit and yummy yoghurt.

2.      Snack: Tropical Fruit

Nice even sugar levels are important, but good hydration is just as essential. If you don’t take on enough fluid, you could begin to feel lethargic. Needless to say, this isn’t going to be welcome on such a long day.

Most fruits are natural hydrators but tropical fruits like melons, papayas and mangos are especially good because in addition to containing water, they have potassium which regulates your body’s balance of fluids and minerals.

3.      Lunch: Salad

The irony of staying hydrated is that excess fluid can leave you with puffy eyes and swollen feet. With so many photographs to be taken, you want to look your best -- and with so much dancing to do later on, you want to be sprightly and comfortable too. Natural diuretics will help with both.

Diuretics help you body to filter excess fluid in order to look and feel your best. They great news is that there are plenty of diuretics in your average salad. Don’t just let it garnish your plate, take advantage of all its goodness.

4.      Snack #2: Oysters

They’re not everybody’s cup of tea but oysters are an aphrodisiac, so they’re the perfect pick me up on the most romantic day of your life.

Oysters are teeming with zinc: a mineral which acts as a libido enhancer for men and women.

5.      Supper: Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate

There’s no denying that a late night snack can help you to prolong your wedding party, but if you don’t choose your supper wisely, it could wind up cutting it short. Some treats can bloat you and other can either make you feel lethargic or greasy.

Strawberries are packed with sugar and antioxidants and another great antioxidant is a chunk of dark chocolate, which also improves blood flow. Perfect for late night dancing and excitement!