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Food and drink ideas for your next corporate event

13 Apr 15 By: Lene McGuinness

As an event organiser, it’s on you to ensure that everything runs smoothly from beginning to end -- and if you’re really successful, your assorted guests will remember the occasion long afterward.

Still, anybody who is anybody will have attended a lot of these events, so how do you gain an edge and earn prime real estate in their memory box? One sure-fire method is really great refreshments.

Here are some ideas for wowing the crowds at your next corporate event, by tantalising their tastebuds:

Hog Roast

Catering your event is often a no-brainer, but many organisers settle for mixed crisps and triangle sandwiches. There isn’t anything wrong with a scrumptious little sandwich, but you’ll gain a lot more from a hot food option like a hog roast.

First off, there are the hypnotic smells, designed to draw in the crowd. Then there is the pageantry of turning and carving the beast before their eyes. Last but not least, there is the taste of succulent and patiently slow-roasted pork.

Hog roasts are a winner, but as always be mindful of all your assembled guests and don’t forget to provide a vegetarian option too.


Another increasingly popular food option is paella. Once again it can be prepared in front of the audience’s eyes, whilst winning them over with tempting aromas.

Perhaps the best thing about paella is that it is so versatile. You can fill your dishes with anything from vegetarian-friendly mixes, to meat and sea-food varieties.

Delicious paella can be a talking point as well as refreshment, particularly if you’re adventurous with your recipes. Why not try your hand at traditional paella Valenciana, complete with chicken, rabbit and escargot?


As we head toward summer (trust us -- it’s coming), you might be planning to take your event outdoors. If so, you might consider setting up a barbecue for your guests.

From the smells and sizzles, to the heat and most importantly the char-grilled flavour, barbecue is always given a warm welcome by corporate visitors. Perhaps best of all, you won’t need a Michelin star chef to cook it all up.

Again, you’ll want to provide some vegetarian options, but that’s where you can get most creative. You could opt for some tasty stuffed peppers, courgette and halloumi skewers, or baked sweet potato -- and everybody loves a veggie burger.

Better yet, guests can enjoy long into the cool evening with the addition of some strategically placed patio heaters.

Pop-up bar

If you’re not planning to cater, you might still consider setting up a bar, and thanks to our Allens Hire pop-up bar furniture, you can do so just about anywhere. Our eye-catching LED bar units can be mixed and matched to build a large or small bar to fit any space, and it can glow any colour of your choosing or change before your eyes.

Nothing does more for the atmosphere of your occasion than a tipple or two, and with our easy to setup bar furniture and cocktail equipment. But be sure to brush up on the difference between your margaritas and mojitos -- and leave the cocktail shakers acrobatics to the professionals.