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Hiring & Rental: The Greener Way to Host an Event

27 Apr 22

With the current state of global warming and the steady increase of obvious signs of climate change, it is vital that we attempt to find more sustainable ways to carry out daily activities and live our lives in much greener ways. This includes practices we would ordinarily take part in when event planning for special occasions like wedding receptions, milestone birthdays and anniversaries, and more formal corporate functions. These kinds of celebrations can produce a lot of waste, maximising single use plastic, one-off purchases, and food scraps, all of which could be recycled or reused to make your event a little more sustainable.

At Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire, we want to encourage those planning to host an event this year to move towards greener practices that will help reduce their contribution to climate change with the help of our company. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that can be easily incorporated into the planning of any special occasion, so that you can feel a little better about the impact that you have on the planet!

1. Rent your furniture, appliances, and décor

One of the best ways to reduce waste is by hiring any supplies and facilities you may need for your event, rather than buying them brand new. Not only does this make the cost of your event much cheaper, but also means that the same party supplies can be used over and over again, so they are not left sitting at the back of a cupboard or worse thrown away so that they end up in a landfill, having only been used once.

Offering a wide range of tableware, furniture, linen, appliances, and catering equipment, at Allens Hire we provide our customers with items they can rent, with a great selection of models and styles to choose from. It’s the perfect way to create your dream party, whilst helping to contribute to a less wasteful mentality, so why not look at our choice of popular choice of trending products?

Rent your furniture, appliances, and décor

2. Avoid single use plastics

A way that many people end up contributing to landfill refuse and really quite unsustainable practices within the event planning industry is by choosing to purchase single use plastic cups, cutlery, and plates, rather than hire much more sustainable crockery and other tableware that can be used time and time again.

Not only does is this a more sustainable way to host your catered celebration, but it also means that you can create a more sophisticated table setting that is sure to impress your guests. At Allens Hire, we have a great selection of glassware, china, and cutlery, in a wide selection of different designs and styles to compliment your preferred event décor. Whether you are looking for more basic tableware or specialist presentation crockery to create a beautiful layout for a buffet, we have everything you could possibly need. And, if you are looking for a lovely backdrop for your dining experience, why not browse our gorgeous choice of linen to complete the look.

Avoid single use plastics

3. Organise ways to recycle food waste

Hosting a catered event, whether it’s small or large, can produce large amounts of food waste, which can damage your hopes of planning a more sustainable occasion than most. That’s why we suggest contacting local waste disposal or a private food recycling plant who can responsibly and properly dispose of any waste your event generates. It is a small but impactful way you can get rid of your food waste, as a reputable recycling centre will find useful ways to repurpose it, with it predominantly being used in the agriculture industry. The leftovers can be made into nutrient-filled fertiliser that is perfect for crops and with the right processes, can even be used to make environmentally friendly fuels.

Organise ways to recycle food waste

4. Opt in for LEDs

If you require lighting for your event, why not consider an option that is better for the environment? LEDs are becoming increasingly popular amongst our customers, as they offer a much more efficient source of light at a lower cost, available in a choice of beautiful hues to suit your event. At Allens Hire, we have a selection of bar units and tables that light up in a lovely cycle of colourful LEDs, a fantastic way to liven up any event. Find the style that suits your event and order to really get the party started.

Opt in for LEDs

5. Reduce your carbon footprint

By incorporating these tips you can help to make your special occasion a little greener, but the best way to do this is by attempting to reduce your overall carbon footprint, which can be achieved by sourcing locally. For example, when deciding who to hire from, see how far they will have to travel, finding a company like Allens Hire who can deliver at a more local level can help to reduce the carbon footprint of your event significantly. Visit our homepage to see where we operate and find out if we can deliver to you. Finally, if you are planning on hosting an event that is catered, you might want to consider finding locally grown produce that won’t have to travel as far and will also help to contribute to the local economy.

Reduce your carbon footprint

If you have any further questions or enquiries about how we at Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire can help with your event, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team have years of experience helping people to order fantastic products for their events.