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Introducing two new revolutionary Glass Collections

06 May 09 By: Lene McGuinness

We are proud to be able to announce these two new ranges of glassware added to our website:



As a result of research through visiting major trade fairs in Europe & America, we have identified a developing trend of using specifically designed wine glasses to serve the finest wines. New technology is making the structure of these glasses so refined it is facilitating the appreciation of wine to an extent never before thought possible.

. . . SHAPE
. . .  bowl shapes and styles are being designed for specific wine characteristics protecting them from external influences. The glasses have been painstakingly designed by a team of experts to enhance the individual characteristics of different wines and heighten the appreciation on the palate.


. . . a new level of clarity has been achieved.  These glasses are perfectly clear, rounded and completly smooth enhancing the 'wetness' of the glass and showing the' tears' of the wine to best advantage. With sparkiling wine it encourages 'perlage' - the production of fine and persistant effervescence. The glasses are also extremely resistant to industrial dish washers, and remain pristine far longer than traditional crystal.

. . . the Open Up range uses "Kwarx" technology giving it a seamlessly strong bond between bowl and stem. The Vinoteque range is reinforced with Titanium rather than lead and this results in the stem, bowl and rim of the glasses to be 140% stronger than traditional crystal.

Previously, the quality and fineness of these wine glasses would have increased the chance of breakage and therefore prohibitively expensive. The new technology therefore makes quality more affordable.

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