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LPG Safety Code of Practice for the Event Hire Industry

08 Nov 13 By: Lene McGuinness

It is fantastic news that the EHA have just published a new Code of Practice aimed at improving the safe use of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) in the hire sector.  The code does not set out to substitute other industry codes or documents issued by the HSE or other regulatory authorities.  Merely it goes further and is specifically applicable to the many hire businesses who hire LPG in cylinders and LPG plant and equipment in offering information and guidance on how each supplier organisation will need to operate to ensure their hired plant and equipment is serviceable at the point of hire minimising risk to the hirer and the general public. 

Allens is a member of the EHA and as such has been helping along with other member companies and key industry bodies to make this a Code of Practice with real substance. 

Kevin McGuinness said “It’s been a privilege to work with the other members of the EHA involved in bringing this to fruition.  Representatives of the HSE, Calor, VOSA, and other member companies have all been involved and worked tirelessly to ensure that there is a standard specific to the hiring of LPG. 

There has been a lot of confusion around what appear to be conflicting opinions on what is safe for transportable appliances and equipment as it is an area that falls between commercial and domestic appliances and what the manufacturers’ or gas safe engineers’ advice is for these areas;  in other words what has been considered safe for the domestic appliance market falls short of what is required for the transportable appliances and equipment market and what is safe for commercially installed appliances is over and above what is necessary and sometimes practical for the transportable appliances and equipment market.”

Allens is pleased to be one of the few SafeHire accredited companies who in order to retain the accreditation must adhere to the Standard.  Safehire accreditation in relation to the new Code carries the responsibility to ensure that those dealing with preparation of gas appliances ready for hire must have completed a suitable industry recognised course, that those delivering the appliances and equipment are aware of and compliant with the health and safety guides, and finally, that customers are given all the information they require to operate the appliances and equipment safely.