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South West Event Hire Joins Allens Hire

29 Jan 24

The event hire landscape is changing. Boasting nearly two decades of expertise in the hire industry, Brian and Jan, owners of South West Event Hire, are taking an exciting step forwards by joining forces with Allens Hire to unleash an unparalleled level of service to their loyal customer base.

In joining together, Brian and Jan, along with Allens Hire, are determined to ensure that the legacy of South West Event hire lives on under the Allens Hire Brand. The Exeter depot will remain a steadfast hub, offering the same exceptional products that have delighted their customers for years but customers will now have access to Allens Hire’s extensive catalogue as well.

Including the Exeter depot, Allens is now able to service the entire South of England from five regional depots and is committed to being the local, eco-conscious choice. Get ready for a very exciting future with Allens Hire!

As part of the Allens Hire organisation the team from South West Event Hire will continue offers an extensive range of event and wedding hire products, ideal for anyone in the South West of England looking to organise an event or wedding with any theme. Their inventory includes bar equipment, catering equipment, chairs, china, cutlery, dance floors and much more.

This variety ensures clients both, existing and new, can find still everything they need for their event, from formal dining settings to casual outdoor gatherings. Their comprehensive selection supports diverse themes, from elegant vintage weddings to contemporary corporate events. The company's expertise and wide product range means South West Event Hire is still a go-to for event planners seeking quality and versatility for their event needs in the South West.

All the old tried and tested favourites are still available :

Bar Equipment

Offering a range of bars and bar equipment ready to hire, vital for serving drinks efficiently and creating a central social point at events.

Catering Equipment

Essential for preparing, cooking, and serving food at events, ensuring quality and seamless service for guests.


A necessity for guest comfort during events, available in various styles to match the event's theme and aesthetic.


Elegant china adds a touch of class to dining settings, crucial for formal events and weddings to impress guests.


Conference equipment facilitates effective communication and presentations, essential for corporate and educational events.


High-quality cutlery is key for a refined dining experience, complementing the overall table setting and event style.

Dance Floor

A dance floor invites guests to enjoy and participate in the event, essential for creating memorable moments.

Fridge and Freezer

Critical for keeping food and drinks at optimal temperatures, ensuring freshness throughout the event.

Garden Furniture

Just like Allens, the South West Event Hire range of outdoor furniture is essential for comfortable seating and dining in garden settings, adding to the event's ambiance.


The South West Event Hire range of quality glassware is crucial for serving a variety of beverages, adding elegance to the dining experience.

Outdoor Heating

Outdoor heaters ensure guest comfort during cooler weather, making them essential for extending outdoor event spaces.

Rustic and Vintage Furniture

Rustic and vintage furniture add character and theme to events, essential for creating a unique and memorable setting.

Serviceware, Cookware, and Tableware

These are vital for the efficient service of food and beverages, ensuring a smooth dining experience for guests.


Tables serve as the foundation of event dining and socialising, available in various sizes and styles to suit any event.


Vintage items add a timeless elegance and unique charm to events, essential for themed weddings and parties.

Wedding Accessories and Decoration

Wedding accessories and decorations are crucial for personalising the celebration, making it memorable and reflective of the couple's style.

These categories are often vital for planning an event or party because they collectively ensure the comfort, engagement, and satisfaction of guests, while also enabling a seamless flow from start to finish. Each category plays a specific role in creating the desired ambiance, facilitating social interaction, and ensuring the event runs smoothly, making them indispensable elements of event planning.