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Last Minute Ideas for your Valentine’s Event

03 Feb 16 By: Lene McGuinness

Valentine’s Day 2016 is just around the corner and the catering industry is once again preparing for some beautiful and romantically themed events to be taking place. Along with events such as dinners and balls, it is also a fantastic opportunity for restaurants, pubs and bars to increase footfall on what would normally be a quiet mid-month Sunday.

Offering a themed menu is always a great way to start. Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is all about romance, love and indulgence, so make sure your menu reflects this! If you are struggling for ideas, here are a few suggestions:

Drinks: Putting special offers on bottles of champagne, prosecco and wine is a sure way to get those celebrating Valentine’s Day off to a romantic start. If you are serving wine, be sure the wine is being served in the correct glass – attention to detail is everything! Adding coloured water glasses to the table will also complement your Valentine’s theme well.

Starters: Beginning a Valentine’s Day meal with a bit of intimacy is the ideal way to get into the spirit of things, so serving sharing platters on February 14th will no doubt be a popular choice. Why not try a mezze plate with numerous nibbles to share? Be sure all sharing platters have a variety of choices to cover dietary requirements – ensure there is something on offer for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diners.

Main courses: When it comes to a main course on Valentine’s Day, the options are endless. Chances are your diners are expecting a fabulous, extravagant meal if they are at a Valentine’s themed event or dining out with a loved one. Food trend predictions for 2016 include poultry, kale, sweet potato, oyster and chipotle, so ensure you incorporate some of the year’s most popular choices. Furthermore, don’t forget to serve your main courses on beautiful china to complement your Valentine’s Day pastel pink theme.

Desserts: Time for the most indulgent course! Desserts on Valentine’s Day should be no less than chocolatey, extravagant masterpieces to impress your diners. Why not try a modern twist on chocolate covered strawberries by incorporating crushed cashew nuts or coconut flakes? Similarly to the first course, dessert is the perfect opportunity for diners to enjoy intimate, indulgent treats. Another romantic option would be red velvet cake – served with two spoons, of course.

No matter whether you are hosting a large Valentine’s ball or a small themed dinner, adding a touch of colourful romance is essential no matter the size or style of occasion. If you are trying to steer away from the typical red and pink hues, why not try the Pantone colours of the year? The soft pink and blue colours aren’t your typical Valentine’s combination, but are sure to set the romantic mood.

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