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Which Wine Glass Is Perfect For Your Event?

06 Nov 12 By: Lene McGuinness

How do you know which wine glass hire is best for your event? Most occasions now will require an array of glasses but which glass is which?

Wine experts are generally agreed that a wine glass should be wider at the bottom and narrower at the top to preserve the aromas and flavours of any wine, commonly a tulip shape.  A real connoisseur would argue that within these guidelines there are a number of shapes and sizes not only for red and white/rosé but within those categories too to help guide each wine to the right part of the pallet for real enjoyment.  Generally, however, a glass for white/rosé and a glass for red will suffice for a table along with a water glass and champagne flute.

White wine is typically served cold in a smaller bowl so that the aromas can be more pronounced, while red wines would be served in a glass with a larger  bowl, the latter giving more room to accommodate the building aromas as the wine is brought to room temperature. The water glass will normally be the biggest glass on the table; Champagne flutes are distinctively shaped to hold in the bubbles.

All of the glasses where fine dining is available will generally have a stemmed glass, so that the bowl of the glass is not handled affecting the temperature hence the flavour and enjoyment of a particular wine.  Furthermore, there is agreement that for better wines a smooth, colourless glass preferably “crystal” for clarity should be used.  Crystal is generally of a finer cut, thinner material particularly at the rim which helps delivery of the wine to the pallet adversely affected by thicker glasses or those with a rolled rim. 

Of course, not every event will require more than one or two types of wine glass hire though six courses or more dinner events may require multiple glasses. Varying sizes of both red and white wine glass hire may then come into play for your event and according to the body in the wine.

Best Choices for Wine Glass Hire

Some of the most exquisite glassware ranges available to hire through Allens include the following:

    • • Open Up – created from the finest Kwarx® crystal, this line has beautifully shaped glasses to suit any event. Key glasses in the range include soft, universal, round, flute and spirits taster, with a fine cut and delicate stem on every glass. The Open Up range is ideal for events of all sizes and natures, giving a fresh modern style that complements any décor theme.


    • • Vinoteque – the classic cut of the Vinoteque range ensures an elegant dining experience, while the glass is made out of the same quality as crystal, it is 140% stronger than normal crystal for optimal durability. From the round shape of the Robusto, to the gently curving Maturo, glasses for red wine, white wine, dessert wine and even wine tasting are sure to add a touch of class to any event.


Once you have determined which wines will be served at your event, you will be able to choose the appropriate wine glass hire from these and other fine glassware ranges at Allens.