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Allens World Cup Special: 5 Steps to Hosting a “Brazilliant” World Cup Party

10 Jun 14 By: Lene McGuinness

The FIFA World Cup 2014 kicks off in Brazil on Thursday 12 June and the whole world will be tuning in for all the big match action. It promises to be a sporting spectacle unlike any other; combining the superstars of the game, with the samba style of the colourful home support.


While a few thousands England supporters will fly the St George’s flag for our boys in the heat of South America, most will be cheering them on from pubs, bars and living rooms all over the UK. That’s why we’re counting down the 5 things you need to remember to host the perfect World Cup Party!

With our help, you can make sure that your family and friends enjoy all the action; along with a little Brazilian flavour.

Seating and TV

When it comes to keeping up with the Jones’s, nothing makes family or friends green with envy like a huge TV, but you don’t need the biggest TV to host the best World Cup Party, you just need to think about your seating arrangements.

Cluster your seating options around the TV, so that everybody enjoys a great view, from sofas, armchairs and emergency chairs where necessary. Younger, more mobile party-goers could even opt for bean bags or floor cushions, so long as you can clear a safe path to the door!

If you don’t have the big TV, no problem; all you have to do is position a couple of smaller TVs in different parts of the room so that nobody has to miss a moment of the action.


Nothing says “World Cup Party” like some good old fashioned bunting and nothing says “Come on England” like red, white and blue. But this year is all about Brazil, the home of Carnival, so why not let your colourful side run wild?

In addition to colourful party decorations, you could opt for the flags of the nations involved. Flags can be pinned or draped over doors; they can even be used as makeshift tablecloths for food and drink areas. Replica shirts and scarves will expand the theme and balloons won’t simply add to the visual aesthetic, they could provide playful guests with something to kick around!

Fun Stuff

Party guests always appreciate novelty items and a no-brainer for football bashes is face-paint. You don’t need to be Rembrant to recreate the flags of competing nations and allowing guests to do their own makes the whole thing a lot more fun. Those football scarves can also be handed to guests instead of hanging them on the wall to recreate the atmosphere of a packed sports stadium. The only thing that’s missing is the booming noise of the crowd.

Noisemakers are always fun at sporting events. Four years ago we had the vuvuzela, this year we have the samba drum. Old school clacker rattles scream “football” and these days we have the inflatable clapper sticks too. There are plenty of options, when it comes to adding nice touches to your event. It’s up to you to decide what your guests would enjoy most.

Food and Drink

Food is a no brainer when it comes to hosting a World Cup Party and buffet style, simple foods allow people to take tasty treats as they please and eat them with ease in front of the TV. You might choose to put out the kind of food you’d find at a sports stadium, like burgers, fries and pizza. More adventurous hosts might like to theme their menu around the nation’s involved in the game!

Paper plates, plastic cups and cutlery will cut time on post match clean-up and a wide variety of World Cup themed napkins are available if you want to go the extra mile.

You should prepare plenty of soft drinks, beers and other drinks options unless you’d like guests to bring their own, and you might even want to add a splash of Brazilian flavour with some World Cup Cocktails. The Caipirinha is Brazil’s most popular cocktail made with cacacha, the nations beloved sugar cane liquor. They taste great served with ice and they’ll keep fans chilled during the heat of the action.


Football, or soccer, might be the most popular sport on the planet but that doesn’t mean that it is to everybody’s tastes. Still, a party is a party and non-football supporters should be catered for too. You could lay on some games or activities; particularly for younger guests.

It is always a good idea to have something planned for post-match, as well, even if you simply plan to push the chairs to one side and invite people to dance.

The World Cup in Brazil is the biggest event of the summer, which makes it a great excuse for a get-together. At Allens Hire, we will be catering a variety of corporate and outdoor events throughout the summer months; and as London’s leading provider of catering equipment and furniture hire, we could help you too. Discover all of the fantastic party options available at our main site or give us a call on 0208 574 9600 for London and 023 8065 2316 for the South Coast.