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Keeping it kosher

26 Aug 15 By: Lene McGuinness

With the annual Klezmer in the Park festival being held in Regent’s Park next month, the spotlight is being thrown on Jewish culture, traditional crafts and, of course, kosher cuisine. The festival celebrates klezmer and Sephardi music with live performances through the day, but there are also exhibitions of Jewish culture as well as stands selling kosher food, crafts and gifts to the public.

The event has also got us thinking about what caterers should bear in mind when planning a Jewish event. Catering for Jewish events, whether it’s a wedding or Bar Mitzvah, means that you have to pay attention to kosher observances to ensure your menu is in-line with Jewish teachings. Key things to remember are:

  • Pork, shellfish and certain other foods are forbidden.
  • All meats must be certified as kosher.
  • Meat and dairy are not allowed to mix. This means they can’t be in the same dish, on the same plate or eaten in the same timeframe. A general rule of thumb should be that if you plan on serving meat, you should ensure there is no dairy on the menu at all.
  • Consider items such as sauces, drinks and cakes to make sure they are dairy-free.
  • Separate pots, appliances and dishes should be used for meat and dairy if necessary.

To ensure everything goes smoothly, you should consider hiring approved kosher chefs and serving staff. You should also make sure you have hired the right numbers when it comes to catering equipment, so that you can separate dishes when the need arises.

To discuss your catering equipment and furniture hire needs for a Jewish event, speak to one of our sales advisors today by giving us a call or emailing us on [email protected].